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What To Consider When Choosing A Location?

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Appearance Matters

The quality of the building in which you lease space and the overall look and feel of your office speaks volumes about your business. The right building can reinforce your core values as a healthcare practitioner and can strengthen your brand image in the minds of your patients. Because NorthWest prioritizes the condition of our buildings, from both an aesthetic and a functional perspective, we are committed to a proven system of conscientious day-to-day management and regular capital upgrades.

Staff Retention

When you improve your work environment, a boost in staff morale and productivity often follows. Even subtle changes in the workplace environment, such as better lighting and a soothing colour palette, can foster substantial gains in productivity and employee satisfaction. A successful medical practice relies on more than just medical expertise – it requires coordinated care from every staff member on the team. Employees who work in a modern, well-designed space are better equipped to take care of your patients in the manner they deserve. With years of experience designing and building out medical office space, NorthWest is uniquely qualified to work with tenants to design a space that works –for you, for your staff, and for your patients.

Meeting the Needs of Your Business

If your current office is too large, too small, or the design simply doesn’t meet your needs, a new space may re-energize your practice and act as a springboard for improved productivity and operational efficiencies. Additionally, market conditions may support the business case for relocating. You may wish to relocate to be closer to a hospital, to be more centrally located in the community, or to practice among a network of healthcare professionals. NorthWest’s buildings are ideally situated to meet the unique needs of medical and healthcare related tenants, and our leasing professionals are dedicated to working with tenants to find the right space to meet their business needs.

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